#1: We Return Phone Calls Promptly and Show Up on Time
#2: We are Committed to Giving our Customers the Best and Most Helpful Information
#3: We Provide Detailed, Thought Out and Customer-centric Proposals
#4: Client Communication is Our Key Objective
#5: We Manage Our Projects Very Seriously
#6: We Have a Hand Picked Team
#7: We have the Best and Most Experienced Team
#8: We Always Give Honest Advice to our Clients, Even if it Does Not Benefit Us
#9: We Have an ‘A’ Ranking on Angie’s List
#10: Most of our Clients Say Our Pricing Falls in the Middle
#11: We have a Great Reputation With Local Building Officials
#12: We Stand by Our Work
#13: We are Ready for Issues and Will Do Our Best to Resolve Them
#14: Our Clients Are Happy and They Keep Coming Back
#15: We Adhere to a Written Code of Ethics
#16: We Maintain Air Quality and Cleanliness in Our Clients’ Homes

#1: We Return Phone Calls Promptly and Show Up on Time



At Giant Builders, we with certainty ensure that your calls will be addressed each and every time. Different workers for hire are glad to set up their telephone numbers on their locales just for you to need to stand by everlastingly to address somebody. Surprisingly more dreadful, many never stay true to their commitments to appear at the settled upon time, compelling you to continue to reschedule your schedule to oblige their burdens.

We value keeping up with the most elevated level of kindness to our clients. This implies being accessible for your calls and in particular, showing up when we say we will.

Like all the other things throughout everyday life, startling things come up and we also are not safe from such circumstances. If, out of the blue, we can’t make it on time we will call you to illuminate you that we are behind schedule. Our clients are the main part of our business. In that capacity, we give our all to keep up with your trust in us. You can trust our guarantee.

#2: We are Committed to Giving our Customers the Best and Most Helpful Information

Home renovation Alameda, CA

When was the last time a business gave you important data or free without requesting that you purchase something from them? We want to have our clients all around informed in areas of home structure and renovating. This enables you to settle on the best choices with respect to our services.

We have a few methods through which we keep our clients very much educated. We have our blog and site, which we are continually refreshing with accommodating articles to assist with peopling wanting to rebuild or at present renovating their homes.

We likewise have our digital books, which we offer to our clients totally for nothing. The digital books contain a stash of data that you will observe convenient for your redesigning plans. Our endeavors don’t end there; our calls to clients are extra educative open doors.

We have been around for a really long time, acquiring numerous long periods of profound involvement with each part of home rebuilding. We have experienced pretty much every test mortgage holders go through and we have thought of savvy fixes without fail. We are accordingly extremely sure when we say that we are in the best situation to teach our clients.

Such a long time of information and experience are utilized for your advantage. So when you settle on an educated choice, you will have good expectations about it.

#3: We Provide Detailed, Thought Out and Customer-centric Proposals

A proposition is an exceptionally vital piece of any venture. It sets out what the task involves, illuminates the schedule set up for the undertaking and puts down gauge costs for each phase of the venture. Understanding its significance in successfully and expertly finishing your undertaking, we put extraordinary spotlight on giving you the best, most educational and most exhaustive proposition.

Dissimilar to different workers for hire who will give you only a couple of numbers on a sheet, we really detail out every one of the parts and bits of the venture. Rather than just referencing one single cost, we spread out individual parts and how they amount to the last cost.
This is to ensure that our clients are completely mindful of what is involved and the way in which the last figure occurs.

Generally speaking, we will even go similarly as giving a few cost ranges. One justification behind this is that nothing is ever a slam dunk at the beginning phase of an undertaking. Surprising things frequently come up halfway through. By making arrangements for a few potential expense situations, we guarantee that you won’t be gotten ill-equipped.

The success of any task is in the preparation. This is a region we give a ton of consideration to.

#4: Client Communication is Our Key Objective

Co-develop is an online-based project the board programming modified home builders and remodelers. This program has such countless elements that guarantee the venture advances without a hitch, with viable booking at each stage. In particular, it permits consistent correspondence among us and our clients.

With co-build there are a great deal of things we can do. We have had the option to make a custom portable application that clients can use to discuss straightforwardly with the venture supervisor. They can post their inquiries and remarks with respect to the venture on the application.

We can likewise effectively follow any progressions to project requests or costs as well as estimate future expenses. To guarantee that our clients are refreshed on the task’s advancement, we utilize the program to share pictures and different records.

Probably the greatest advantage of Co-build is the simplicity of correspondence with clients, something very urgent to a rebuilding project.

Numerous workers for hire will depend on pen and paper to make a harsh arrangement of the venture. The outcome is an absence of a reasonable schedule, client miscommunication and failure to handle surprising circumstances that emerge later. We don’t face such challenges, rather depending on innovation to convey the best support of our clients.

#5: We Manage Our Projects Very Seriously

As our forefathers would have done it of overseeing remodeling projects had a great deal of issues. There would be a ton of miscommunication between the task chief and the client. Things continually turned out badly. Sadly, there are workers for hire who actually select the older style techniques.

At Giant Builders, we care very much about client fulfillment. All through the task, from the beginning as far as possible, we need to guarantee that we successfully follow through on all that we settled on. To this end the planning element of Co-build is so vital to us.

Every last detail right from the beginning is recorded by the product. This incorporates client remarks and questions. So all through the undertaking, everybody is very much aware of what’s going on. Correspondence is quick and simple. Assuming an issue emerges, everybody is immediately refreshed and arrangements are proposed.

This sort of viable undertaking the executives has permitted Giant Builders to carry fulfillment to so many of our clients. Our point is to make sure that we convey the exact thing we guarantee. You will be fulfilled and we will be glad for that.

With the planning programming, nothing gets lost in the noise, everything is done on schedule and no cash is squandered.

#6: We Have a Hand Picked Team

An organization is just comparable to the group behind it. Our group isn’t simply great, it is extraordinary. They have a ton of involvement and information in their individual specialized topics, be it carpentry, plan or operations. In particular, they are completely devoted to one objective; leaving each client blissful and fulfilled. No work is saved towards accomplishing this objective.

Our group is shifted, with various specialists inside it, accordingly empowering us to handle different parts of a venture. We have a few task chiefs liable for overseeing various projects. We have a fashioner to assist with making the best last plan that suits your taste, needs and financial plan. Our in-house assessor, as a team with a task supervisor, is answerable for giving you cost and time gauges for your venture.

What’s more, we have many woodworkers and workers dissipated across our present venture destinations. Our task chiefs stay in steady correspondence with them, guaranteeing that the venture is advancing without a hitch and inside plan.

We additionally have a few other staff individuals in our office giving help to the remainder of the group and guaranteeing that everything is running great.

We are not an enormous organization but rather we have a group large to the point of handling every client’s case exclusively and with complete focus.

#7: We have the Best and Most Experienced Team

Home renovation Alameda, CA

Our quality affirmation doesn’t end with our nearby group; it reaches out to all subcontractors we recruit for our venture. Fully intent on giving our clients the best and best caliber of services, we just go for the top and experienced subcontractors. Each part of the venture, whether done by our group or by a subcontractor, bears our assurance and characteristic of greatness.

We have a current group of electrical experts, handymen and other specific experts that we recruit for a considerable lot of our projects. Having worked intently together on so many projects, we can authenticate their quality workmanship. We trust them like they are family. So you want not stress that a subcontractor won’t do as quality a task as one of our colleagues. Both our staff and subcontractors have a comparable objective of leaving every single customer happy with the work done.

#8. We Always Give Honest Advice to our Clients, Even if it Does Not Benefit Us

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For our purposes, the primary concern isn’t benefit. It is the joy of our customers. One of our fundamental standards is guaranteeing that our customers are very much informed on the choices they are making. Since we are the ones with the experience and information, we are in the best situation to give quality exhortation.

This counsel isn’t accessible just when we stand to benefit. We are prepared to give it out whenever, no matter what. So even we don’t stand to benefit in any case, we will in any case offer you the best guidance. You don’t need to involve our services for us to help you; that isn’t our rule.

Whether you want exhortation on cost, materials or configuration simply reach us and our specialists will offer you legit guidance.

#9: We Have an ‘A’ Ranking on Angi

We can invest all the energy flaunting how our services are incredible and the way in which brilliant our group is. In any case, we don’t need to; how others see us says everything. On Angi, where we have been for over 10 years, we have acquired sufficient trust with our customers to procure A rating. This in itself is sufficient proof of the nature of services we have been conveying for quite a long time.

The most ideal way to realize us is to understand what our customers are talking about. On Angi, most talk in gleaming terms, happy that they got to partake in our remarkable services. The audits recount to our story better than we can. They recount an account of value, impressive skill and customer agreeableness.

Peruse the surveys and see with your own eyes why every one of our customers are content with our services. We place parts of trustworthiness, worth and kindness above bringing in cash.

Through all that we do, we endeavor to make an incredible customer experience and convey acceptable services.

#10: Most of our Clients Say Our Pricing Falls in the Middle

Since beginning Giant Builders, one of our significant objectives has been to give an extraordinary, extraordinarily fitted support of each customer while keeping costs fair. A large number of our customers say that we have accomplished that objective, and we were unable to be more happy.

We are not an immense organization with many workers or a grand display area. In the event that it were thus, we would charge as much as possible for our services. We are additionally not a small time show attempting to convey to every client a novel quality encounter. We fall solidly in the center. While we are little to the point of keeping overheads, and subsequently costs sensible. We are likewise sufficiently huge to handle every customer demand with the devotion it requires.

We can handle, actually, a huge task requiring a major financial plan, a great deal of time and a few subcontractors. We can likewise handle little projects that require only a couple of long periods of work. In the two cases, our assurance for quality workmanship continues as before.

Each undertaking we take on turns into an individual journey determined to convey an assistance custom-made to your requirements. Eventually, you partake in an expert and profoundly customized administration at an incredible incentive for the cash you spend. Practically the entirety of our customers are happy with our services and costs, there is not an obvious explanation you will likewise not be fulfilled.

#11: We have a Great Reputation With Local Building Officials

We have been around for quite a long time and in that measure of time have gained notoriety for impressive skill and greatness. Nearby structure authorities don’t need to stress over our work quality or adherence to neighborhood construction standards.

We know every city and town well. We realize what codes apply to every area. In the entirety of our projects, we mean to plan to outperform the quality standards set by the nearby regulation.

There isn’t anything more regrettable than having a worker for hire who crosses paths with the law. You really want an organization that understands the nearby regulation and is severe in applying it. We are that organization. You can have confidence realizing that our services are inside the constraints of what is expected by the law.

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#12: We Stand by Our Work

We fully believe in our group and the nature of work they convey to our clients. As a demonstration of this certainty, we ensure each part of our work. Anything project we are associated with, we will stand by it. Our assurance goes on for quite some time from the finish of the venture. During these five years, we are answerable for any workmanship gives that might emerge because of our work.

It is critical to take note of that the business standard is a one year ensure. Sadly, this is scarcely sufficient opportunity to pass judgment on the nature of the work done. It is simple for exploitive workers for hire to convey substandard work, realizing that their assurance won’t keep going to the point of testing their workmanship.

So before you acknowledge one more organization’s proposal with a solitary year ensure, find out if you truly trust their work quality. It is your well deserved cash on the line. Low quality work won’t just waste your cash, it will set you back considerably a greater amount of it when you need to fix the harm later.

We are the organization to pick to sit back and relax and with certainty realizing that you are satisfactorily covered for 5 entire years. We are glad for the work we do and are eager to stand by it.

#13: We are Ready for Issues and Will Do Our Best to Resolve Them

Each venture is different in numerous perspectives. In any case, one thing they all share practically speaking is the way that an issue will emerge some place over it. We have gained this from our long periods of involvement assisting clients with remodeling their homes.

At the point when we take on an undertaking, we do as such with full acknowledgment that we should manage an unforeseen issue or to later on. For this reason we are at any point prepared for the unforeseen. Whether it is a little issue to do with request conveyance or a significant issue that requires totally reconsidering the first arrangement, we are prepared.

One thing that characterizes our group is their capacity to think of imaginative and opportune answers for any issue. At the point when an issue comes up, the task director will be there inside the space of hours or minutes to actually evaluate the issue and begin thinking about an answer. We won’t be there days or weeks after the fact; each issue is tended to promptly determined to determine it as fast as could really be expected.

As our client, you can rest easily realizing that your venture is in the best hands. Regardless occurs, there are exceptionally capable individuals to handle what is going on.

#14: Our Clients Are Happy and They Keep Coming Back

One proportion of a successful business is the number of rehash customers they get. Rehash business is an indication of cheerful customers who are eager to pay for your services over and over. We have a considerable rundown of blissful customers, a significant number of whom have looked for our services more than once.

By having a positive enduring effect in our customer’s psyches, we transform them into steadfast customers who won’t hold back to get in touch with us once more. Throughout the long term, we have made various steadfast customers, who have become like family to us. They have turned into our most enthusiastic salesmen, offering our brand to their companions, neighbors, associates and families.

At Giant Builders, we measure our success in view of the bliss of our customers. Taking into account the number of customers have kept in touch with us, we can without hesitation say that we are a successful business.


#15: We Adhere to a Written Code of Ethics

Our services are driven by a severe set of rules, which our group and subcontractors comply to. They are;

We just advance items and services of superior grade and fair costs and which stick to set wellbeing and security standards.
All our publicizing and deals advancements will be verifiably exact and will keep away from any deliberate deluding or misdirection to customers.
Every one of our agreements and guarantees are written so that they consent to essential government, state and nearby regulations.
We will quickly answer, with proper activity, to customer grievances.
We will keep away from any activity whose planned outcome is to restrain exchange or smother contest.
We will acquire and hold protection covers as coordinated by government, state and neighborhood regulation.
We will acquire and hold enrollment and/or permitting as expected by government, state and neighborhood regulation.
We will make important moves to safeguard the wellbeing and security of our staff, project workers and clients.

This rundown isn’t simply a composed rundown of our general set of principles; it is our genuine approach to carrying on with work. It addresses our business model in light of adherence to the law, legitimate treatment of our workers and workers for hire and the best support of our clients.


#16: We Maintain Air Quality and Cleanliness in Our Clients’ Homes

What Makes Giant Builders DifferentRemodeling work can get untidy. Dust and other little articles worked up during work can unfavorably influence air quality, for the length of the venture, yet additionally for quite a while a short time later. This is particularly so assuming the residue particles choose furniture and different pieces of the house. This can be a significant wellbeing hazard to a client’s loved ones.

To keep up with air quality, we have put resources into a framework called Build Clean. The framework utilizes a few channels to consistently clean the air and hold dust particles back from drifting into different pieces of the house.

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